Greenzie is the leading software company developing fully autonomous commercial lawnmowers and industrial equipment.

Client: Greenzie

Project: Website Redesign | UX | Branding

Role: UI Designer

Responsibilities: Assist with Sitemap Research and Iterations,  Content Index , Visual and interaction design, Development collaboration, Website QA


Frank J - ACD  
Cole C. - UX Designer  
Dana S. - Content Strategist  
Taylor W - Project Manager
Development Team

Tools: Figma - Photoshop - Illustrator - Hotjar - Google Analytics

The Problem

Autonomy is the next evolution in labor productivity. Greenzie wants to be viewed as a trustworthy leader in the industry and needs a website that creates a bold digital presence and an engaging experience to attract and convert customers. How do we earn trust and build credibility while thoughtfully educating a skeptical audience?

The Challenge

1. Consumers can not directly purchase an autonomous Greenzie Lawnmower directly from Greenzie. (commonly misunderstood)

2. The struggle for potential landscape customers is that they see the cost upfront and immediately compare the price to traditional mowers., without understanding the value.

3. Like most new tech, many believe that autonomous mowers are "not ready".

Project Goals

Based on the insights from the our Stakeholders and additional discovery sessions with the entire team, we concluded with three main goals we needed to accomplish:

Clear User Journey

Imporoved Site Performance

Brand Alignment


Stakeholder Interviews

During the Discovery phase of this project, a key part was conducting Stakeholder interviews. Our team set up separate calls with each Stakeholder and asked them questions regarding the current state of their website, what user feedback they have heard and what their business goals are for the new website.

We discovered the following:

“ The new website is for fleet landscapers, messaging needs to be focused on them and how autonomous mowers will improve their business. ”

“ What we do is pretty complicated (sadly) so need help clarifying what we do. ”

“ We want the new website to direct to proper sales channel ( dealer specific distributors) that can send landscapers a demo. ”

“ The struggle for potential landscape customers is that they see the cost upfront - the robot mower is more expensive than traditional mowers and then they have the Greenzie monthly fee. ”

How do Fleet landscapers feel about autonomous commercial lawnmowers and industrial equipment?

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Confusion around costs

Fleet landscapers want to understand why they should invest in such expensive equipment & software to continue offering services they already provide with humans.

Safety and Liability Concerns

There are worries about accidents or injuries caused by autonomous equipment, such as collisions with objects, people, or animals.

Job Displacement

If autonomous equipment takes over tasks that were previously done by human operators, it could lead to job loss or reduced demand for human labor,

Initial Cost and ROI

For smaller businesses or budget-conscious individuals there is concerns about the ROI and whether the benefits of using autonomous equipment outweigh the costs.

Technological Adaptability

Concerns about the need for ongoing updates, upgrades, and potential obsolescence of the technology, which may require continuous learning and adaptation.

User Behavior

Next, the UX Designer pulled metrics from Jan. 1, 2022 to July 28, 2022 in order to help the team analyze user behaviors from the original website.

User Personas

UX Design

Site Mapping

Current State

During the site mapping phase we first took a look at the current state of the website. While thoroughly considering our project goals we also looked at the data gathered from Hotjar and Google analytics in order to see which pages had the most / least traffic.

Future State


Considering our user personas we chose to consolidate the careers, about and contact us pages as sub nav pages under the newly established "Company page" . This allowed for the opportunity to include dual CTAs to solve for the user's primary needs.

Based on Stakeholder interviews we were able to identify that many users who visit the Greenzie website, have a difficult time understanding that Greenzie's product is a software and not the actual lawnmowers. To help clear up this confusion we created a " How It Works " page , immediately clarify the process at first glance.

Design Principles

Instill a sense of security and trust

We need to ensure that fleet landscapers feel that they can trust Greenzie as a software and company. Landscapers should feel that Greenzie is reliable.

Clarity leads to improved understanding

It is important that we demystify the Greenzie process. We must be clear in how we present the process to avoid confusion.

Prioritize moments of intentional education

In order to set clear expectations we must leverage opportunities to educate customers.

UI Design Solution

Competitive Analysis

Taking into consideration who Greenzie’s direct and indirect competitors are I began the visual concepting stage while the UX Designer built out the wireframes.

Visual Concepts

Taking into consideration who Greenzie’s direct and indirect competitors are, I worked with the ACD to develop four different visual directions to present to the Stakeholders prior to flushing out the design based on the wireframes. Each concept is based on the fact that Greenzie is the leading software company developing fully autonomous commercial lawnmowers and industrial equipment. In order to clearly convey that Greenzie provides a software, it was extremely important to showcase the product visually in the beginning of the user’s journey.

First iteration

After receiving Stakeholder feedback and a second round of visual concepts, I landed on a final concept and applied it to the wireframes in the mockup phase. The final concept takes a clean and modern approach, that leverages 3D visuals to elevate the user experience and assist with the visual storytelling.

Hi-Fidelity Mockups

The mockup phase was split into two phases/sprints, which allowed our team to focus on a set number of pages and clearly think through the visuals and interactions of the interface.

A very important challenge that we needed to address was the issue of consumers commonly misunderstanding that Greenzie only provides the software for the autonomous lawnmowers. These lawnmowers must be purchased from a dealer that will provide mowers enabled for greenzie software. In order to address this, we chose to include a section on the homepage below the hero that allows users to visually identify Greenzie as a software and see its' benefits. I accomplished this by stripping away all branding from the Greenzie retailer mower , as well as photoshopping it to a clean black color. Which allows the software benefits to be highlighted in the lighter green color to draw the users attention to each callout.
Design Principles in execution

Clarity leads to improved understanding

By creating visual aids for each of the features provided by a Greenzie powered mower, we were able to increase clarity of the benefits of Greenzie.

Prioritize moments of intentional education

It was important to include an ROI calculator on the site to show the true financial impact and savings users can achieve through their purchase. This calculator is both engaging and informational.

Instill a sense of security and trust

On the safety page I wanted to make the information very digestible. This was accomplished by leveraging a page scroll animation allowing the features to follow a step by step approach.

Thank you for reading !

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